Where to start your personal development journey?

One of the questions we often get is where to actually start a successful personal development journey. Where do I start my education?  Because your levelling up journey is composed of your environment, your energy or your education, representing your body, your soul and your mind, you have to include the three of them to… Continue reading Where to start your personal development journey?

Don’t. Settle.

I want you to fill with your name the blank space " I am ________ and I won't settle for less". Candide - Voltaire - used to say " Il faut cultiver notre jardin" meaning life is your garden and you have to weed it, water it, plant seeds and make it look the way… Continue reading Don’t. Settle.


I stared at him, feverish, boiling with rage. If my face was calm, I was shaking inside. I squinted my eyes, trying to let him understand how clear my intentions were; I only wanted him to sign the paper agreeing to my multidisciplinary program. He kept talking, preaching on how good of a student I'd… Continue reading Unconventional

Soul’s Sparkles

The more you do, the more you actually do. It's some sort of process that is incredibly accurate yet unexplainable. The more you do things and go forward with your life the more you are able to take in, and do more and take a bigger workload, and the more you grow. So do -… Continue reading Soul’s Sparkles

From Loser to Winner

If you are to be more then you'll want to be more of "greatness". You want to feel that when the end of the day comes, you have done one step further. If you want to be more and want it badly enough, then you are to be a lot more. You know where you… Continue reading From Loser to Winner