I always have an agenda

Is it bad to say I want to be part of the elite, to say I want to change the world ? Is it bad to strive to be of the greatest ? To strive for excellence ? To strive for perfection? I mean, not in a way that I would make a spectacle of… Continue reading I always have an agenda

How to find yourself?

knowing who I wanted to be really helped me being me. Knowing who I wanted to be made it easier to deal with who I was. As if who I was really did not matter if I acted accordingly to who I wanted to be. My past, my guilt, my flaws, I could accept them… Continue reading How to find yourself?

Lost Faith

Sometimes, you lose faith. Sometimes, you feel like no matter how long you've been walking, no matter how much you've given, you are not where you were hoping to be. As if all your efforts were turned into dust. Results don't come, and nothing builds from your aches as you burn yourself to work. Isn't… Continue reading Lost Faith