How to unstuck yourself from a rut ?

Spring has finally sprung and it's time for you to blossom although you've been stuck with winter for a while now. But do not panic as you unfreeze from your hibernation, a routine done for too long does not mean you won't see the sun. You always can unstuck yourself from a rut. Understand that… Continue reading How to unstuck yourself from a rut ?

I always have an agenda

Is it bad to say I want to be part of the elite, to say I want to change the world ? Is it bad to strive to be of the greatest ? To strive for excellence ? To strive for perfection? I mean, not in a way that I would make a spectacle of… Continue reading I always have an agenda

My life is a flower pot

You're a plant. And life is your pot. As you pour water in, and add nutriments, you grow. Your roots are stronger. You become taller. You bloom and flourish. Sometimes you trim dead ends. But once in while, few times in a lifetime, the pot is too tight. You can't breath. You can't really tell… Continue reading My life is a flower pot

Don’t. Settle.

I want you to fill with your name the blank space " I am ________ and I won't settle for less". Candide - Voltaire - used to say " Il faut cultiver notre jardin" meaning life is your garden and you have to weed it, water it, plant seeds and make it look the way… Continue reading Don’t. Settle.


I stared at him, feverish, boiling with rage. If my face was calm, I was shaking inside. I squinted my eyes, trying to let him understand how clear my intentions were; I only wanted him to sign the paper agreeing to my multidisciplinary program. He kept talking, preaching on how good of a student I'd… Continue reading Unconventional

Passionate about myself

I'm passionate about myself. Don't get me wrong, it's not because I am more interesting than anyone or more worthy. Neither is it because I have more to offer or that I am the biggest narcissist ever brought on earth, but I am passionate about myself. About the endless possibilities, about my heart filled with… Continue reading Passionate about myself

Flowers Bloom

I can get mad so fast. It fires up my soul when people can't see the work I am doing. My throat gets tight, my voice is shaking, my eyes are filled with tears - at this moment, I could burst into a sea of rage. Unfortunately, the truth still is: no one sees your… Continue reading Flowers Bloom

The face you show to the world

The way you show up every day is the way you define yourself. It sounds ridiculous said that way, but once you know who you are and who you want to be, you're like a masterpiece that is yet to be completed. Every day, you make the choice of who you are going to be.… Continue reading The face you show to the world

A new way of loving yourself

Love yourself. Here, loving yourself does not mean : love your face, your body, and your personality - for all you are. It is important, but there is more. Love yourself enough to do what is right for you. Skipping the gym and eating unhealthy because you love who you are and how you look… Continue reading A new way of loving yourself

It’s about time you stop apologising.

This life (bureaucracy) soon will be waiting for you no matter how hard you fight it! I hope you are ready to be this stressed for your entire life, I mean that,s what life at work is. Soon, you might have to work somewhere you don't like. You know you need money in your accounts!… Continue reading It’s about time you stop apologising.