I stared at him, feverish, boiling with rage. If my face was calm, I was shaking inside. I squinted my eyes, trying to let him understand how clear my intentions were; I only wanted him to sign the paper agreeing to my multidisciplinary program. He kept talking, preaching on how good of a student I'd… Continue reading Unconventional

Out of the box

It's like falling in love or like going down the aisle. It's your heart that skips a beat because all of a sudden, you have a purpose. It's as if you finally found a flashlight in a dark room or like a familiar face in a hall full strangers. It's like finally seeing your true… Continue reading Out of the box

The face you show to the world

The way you show up every day is the way you define yourself. It sounds ridiculous said that way, but once you know who you are and who you want to be, you're like a masterpiece that is yet to be completed. Every day, you make the choice of who you are going to be.… Continue reading The face you show to the world

Why am I still in school? – and why you also should.

I have a business, I am still in school. I know what to do with my life and it doesn't require a degree, I'm still in school. I am trying to be a better person yet I am still stressing my life sitting on school's bench. And I get asked a lot why. Truth? I… Continue reading Why am I still in school? – and why you also should.

Have a vision

simply. It comes to you like a wave raging in your heart, the feeling of falling in love or jumping down a cliff for fun. It's growing in you, taking all your thoughts and dictating all your acts. It gives you the strength to take the good decision and always be in action. It's guiding… Continue reading Have a vision

Soul’s Sparkles

The more you do, the more you actually do. It's some sort of process that is incredibly accurate yet unexplainable. The more you do things and go forward with your life the more you are able to take in, and do more and take a bigger workload, and the more you grow. So do -… Continue reading Soul’s Sparkles

There’s no one like you

I was sitting at my desk when I understood that all I wanted was to make a difference, to have an impact in this world. That my existence would be seen as a positive part of the world. I knew it was a bit pretentious of me putting it in those words, but that was… Continue reading There’s no one like you