BØLD – a dynasty

What being BØLD is BØLD is the dynasty of those who aim to be better, for the elite of people in various domains and of various characters that believe in the very best version of themselves.  BØLD  is the club of those who dare to be and do more.  BØLD is the foundation of an… Continue reading BØLD – a dynasty

Why should you have a plan ?

Really, it's in the sound your warm tea hits the bottom of your cup and the muffled note of your pen on the paper. Really, it's all in the planning. The planning of who and where you to be. Planning means better control. Of course you can't control everything, but you can control your time… Continue reading Why should you have a plan ?


Once you realize your worth, the game is over for many things: procrastination, screwing yourself over, having the wrong people in your life, unhealthy lifestyle, not taking care of yourself, time wasting. Once you realize your worth, you start doing things: taking the time to do what you love, doing more in general, taking care… Continue reading Worthy

Out of the box

It's like falling in love or like going down the aisle. It's your heart that skips a beat because all of a sudden, you have a purpose. It's as if you finally found a flashlight in a dark room or like a familiar face in a hall full strangers. It's like finally seeing your true… Continue reading Out of the box

A letter to my haters

I met my fan club today - I call them this way, humoristically and kindly. It's a tad funny because as you grow older and more mature, you look at the past with a smirk. You tell yourself that you wasted so much time on things that in the end really did not matter all… Continue reading A letter to my haters

The face you show to the world

The way you show up every day is the way you define yourself. It sounds ridiculous said that way, but once you know who you are and who you want to be, you're like a masterpiece that is yet to be completed. Every day, you make the choice of who you are going to be.… Continue reading The face you show to the world

How to get there?

Do you ever just stop for a moment and tell yourself " How on earth am I going to get there?" Because I do, all the time. See, I have this vision, I have a lifetime and I wonder how with the time that I am given am I going to make out of my… Continue reading How to get there?

Believe in Yourself

I mean, that's pretty easy to say. We all use that sentence. We distribute it to friends, family and even ourselves once in a while. But in your everyday life, do you really believe that? Do you really believe that you actually believe in yourself? Do you believe in you? You do have to admit… Continue reading Believe in Yourself

Mindset switching game – improve your life.

Switching your mindset is key. Having control of your thoughts, of how you think and you see life as well as its obstacles, is key. It's more than just being positive. It's about bringing the best out of everything. It's about seeing what is given to you and taking action in the best way possible… Continue reading Mindset switching game – improve your life.