Out of the box

It's like falling in love or like going down the aisle. It's your heart that skips a beat because all of a sudden, you have a purpose. It's as if you finally found a flashlight in a dark room or like a familiar face in a hall full strangers. It's like finally seeing your true… Continue reading Out of the box

It’s not because I’m alone that I am lonely

Have coffee on your own. Watch a movie alone. Read a good book cuddled in blankets. Have a long walk in the morning's frisky air. Enjoy your silence and the sound of your thoughts. No - they're not too loud, it's time you listen to them. You have a lot to say to yourself. Get… Continue reading It’s not because I’m alone that I am lonely

I’m not an angry bird

"Getting it" is one hard thing to do. Having a routine and working hard to get what you want is difficult. Even more when it comes to showing up everyday with the right mindset. I guess it's a matter of attitude and commitment with yourself to yourself. It's to decide of your priorities and to… Continue reading I’m not an angry bird

It’s about time you stop apologising.

This life (bureaucracy) soon will be waiting for you no matter how hard you fight it! I hope you are ready to be this stressed for your entire life, I mean that,s what life at work is. Soon, you might have to work somewhere you don't like. You know you need money in your accounts!… Continue reading It’s about time you stop apologising.

There’s no one like you

I was sitting at my desk when I understood that all I wanted was to make a difference, to have an impact in this world. That my existence would be seen as a positive part of the world. I knew it was a bit pretentious of me putting it in those words, but that was… Continue reading There’s no one like you