Reading fiction is hella cool

#MondayWithAimée Let’s start this off with a little backstory. I am a reader. Like a hardcore bookworm. I’m not even sure where it came from, but I remember my mom reading me bedtime Bible stories and making a low voice for God, and it made me laugh a lot. I remember making up stories with… Continue reading Reading fiction is hella cool

Fictional Junk Food – Part II: Why You Don’t Have To Diet

#MondaywithAimée Last week we dived into the world of problematic fiction. Let’s dive in a little deeper before we come back out for air with a solution to all the problems we, or should I say I, have created. It is no secret that men in romcoms are fictional junk food. Rom-com creators are fully… Continue reading Fictional Junk Food – Part II: Why You Don’t Have To Diet

Have you been reading lately ?

Knowledge is power. You might have heard it before, you might believe it or still need some proofs. Fot all the times you said "if only I could, I would" - reading brings you in the right places. So much was written black on white, worlds were created, lives related, history transcripted. There is a… Continue reading Have you been reading lately ?