The art of charisma and influence

If you have read how to have influence and wondered ''okay, but how do I attract people around me, how do I develop charisma so that the world can’t get enough of me, how do I develop my own signature influence?'' We have your back, from Hepburn to Gates, we have uncoded what they all… Continue reading The art of charisma and influence


Often, we read texts about "it is okay not to be perfect", but we disagree. We think you should be perfect, and we think you should aim to be perfect everyday. We also think that perfect is subjective, and you are the only one who can make it objective for yourself. We know you have… Continue reading Perfection

It’s not because I’m alone that I am lonely

Have coffee on your own. Watch a movie alone. Read a good book cuddled in blankets. Have a long walk in the morning's frisky air. Enjoy your silence and the sound of your thoughts. No - they're not too loud, it's time you listen to them. You have a lot to say to yourself. Get… Continue reading It’s not because I’m alone that I am lonely

I’m not an angry bird

"Getting it" is one hard thing to do. Having a routine and working hard to get what you want is difficult. Even more when it comes to showing up everyday with the right mindset. I guess it's a matter of attitude and commitment with yourself to yourself. It's to decide of your priorities and to… Continue reading I’m not an angry bird

I am almost perfect

I stood in front of the mirror, biting my lips. I wished about a thousand times that my body and my face would look different. I thought something just wasn't right. Nothing was like I wanted. Not skinny enough, never the right amount of curves. My eyes were too little and my nose too big.… Continue reading I am almost perfect