How to fall in love with yourself

To you, my friend, who’s love for themselves feels unavailable or unattainable, so much so that the question you might ask yourself is where on earth did the love I have for myself go? I wish I knew, I wish all of your traumas could have been healed by a magic wand and you would… Continue reading How to fall in love with yourself

A fine lesson on confidence

How to build your confidence? Confidence is key to success, it always was. believing you are the right person for the job automatically increases your charisma and your attitude towards your goals.  Confidence can be humble and define your character without clouting it with arrogance. Confidence is sumptuous and an art of the soul, a… Continue reading A fine lesson on confidence

Good for the soul – quick fixes for the busy ones

As we are dream chaser, we tend to be focused and stressed, don’t get us wrong, we have weekends to unwind too, only, we have to regenerate our souls a little more quickly because of duty calls. The time we spent with ourselves and self-developing our souls needs to be quality instead of quantity. Buying… Continue reading Good for the soul – quick fixes for the busy ones


Often, we read texts about "it is okay not to be perfect", but we disagree. We think you should be perfect, and we think you should aim to be perfect everyday. We also think that perfect is subjective, and you are the only one who can make it objective for yourself. We know you have… Continue reading Perfection

My life is a flower pot

You're a plant. And life is your pot. As you pour water in, and add nutriments, you grow. Your roots are stronger. You become taller. You bloom and flourish. Sometimes you trim dead ends. But once in while, few times in a lifetime, the pot is too tight. You can't breath. You can't really tell… Continue reading My life is a flower pot

Don’t. Settle.

I want you to fill with your name the blank space " I am ________ and I won't settle for less". Candide - Voltaire - used to say " Il faut cultiver notre jardin" meaning life is your garden and you have to weed it, water it, plant seeds and make it look the way… Continue reading Don’t. Settle.