How close are you?

Dare to build, one foot in the present one in the future, living the moment but doing what’s best for tomorrow, depending on what you desire most. Dare to be the one who builds an empire if that’s who you are. If you have vision, believe in yourself enough, believe in others enough so that… Continue reading How close are you?

My life is a flower pot

You're a plant. And life is your pot. As you pour water in, and add nutriments, you grow. Your roots are stronger. You become taller. You bloom and flourish. Sometimes you trim dead ends. But once in while, few times in a lifetime, the pot is too tight. You can't breath. You can't really tell… Continue reading My life is a flower pot

What are you living for?

You never know what tomorrow holds but don't you ever simply close your eyes, take a deep breath of fresh air and just have faith? Do you ever have a really bad day, listen to a song that soothes your soul so you'd keep a straight face until no one could be touched by your… Continue reading What are you living for?

It’s not because I’m alone that I am lonely

Have coffee on your own. Watch a movie alone. Read a good book cuddled in blankets. Have a long walk in the morning's frisky air. Enjoy your silence and the sound of your thoughts. No - they're not too loud, it's time you listen to them. You have a lot to say to yourself. Get… Continue reading It’s not because I’m alone that I am lonely

I’m not an angry bird

"Getting it" is one hard thing to do. Having a routine and working hard to get what you want is difficult. Even more when it comes to showing up everyday with the right mindset. I guess it's a matter of attitude and commitment with yourself to yourself. It's to decide of your priorities and to… Continue reading I’m not an angry bird