Seasons of Love and Life

#FridayWithSeb Hiya munchkins.  Seb here, I love LOVE. There, I said it  Always have. I am a sucker for a good cheesy over the top rom-com; Ryan Gosling kind of movie-loving put in a mix of Noah Centineo, a slice of young Chad Michael Murray, a taste of Paul Rudd and it’s in the bag. … Continue reading Seasons of Love and Life

The art of living alive

#MondayWithAimée A few days ago, I went to a concert. It was the second time in six months I had seen this show, yet I was still in awe. It was a music show, but the man – one of my favourite Quebecois artists – talks and jokes a lot as well. It is simply… Continue reading The art of living alive

My life is a flower pot

You're a plant. And life is your pot. As you pour water in, and add nutriments, you grow. Your roots are stronger. You become taller. You bloom and flourish. Sometimes you trim dead ends. But once in while, few times in a lifetime, the pot is too tight. You can't breath. You can't really tell… Continue reading My life is a flower pot

How to find a mission

"I'm not inspired anymore," he said. I frowned. What was he trying to tell me? How could the one person I could always count on to climb on the bandwagon with me be having cold feet? "I don't have a mission" he insists. I'm speechless. How could the one person who'd always tell me nothing… Continue reading How to find a mission

What are you living for?

You never know what tomorrow holds but don't you ever simply close your eyes, take a deep breath of fresh air and just have faith? Do you ever have a really bad day, listen to a song that soothes your soul so you'd keep a straight face until no one could be touched by your… Continue reading What are you living for?