How to defy gravity – a lifestyle reflexion

Hiya munchkins and happy Friday.  Welcome to my brain. This article will be a mess … or not. It will be clear … or not. It has a message or … not. IT DEFINITELY HAS A PURPOSE. I might say things I mean … or not. I re-read my work, erased things, discussed out loud… Continue reading How to defy gravity – a lifestyle reflexion

Good for the soul – quick fixes for the busy ones

As we are dream chaser, we tend to be focused and stressed, don’t get us wrong, we have weekends to unwind too, only, we have to regenerate our souls a little more quickly because of duty calls. The time we spent with ourselves and self-developing our souls needs to be quality instead of quantity. Buying… Continue reading Good for the soul – quick fixes for the busy ones

Being BØLD

if being BØLD was something to be defined, it would be presented as aiming for excellence, striving for greatness, choosing the best version of yourself every day and Finding your own definition of perfection to present yourself as so. If being bold was to be someone it would be the person who rises every morning… Continue reading Being BØLD


It's easy to say " I have time" even easier to say "I'll do it tomorrow", when we are younger, we do it all the time, especially in school, we use all the free time we can to play. When we go get a job, we are tired, and when we work on projects, we… Continue reading Urgent

How to be the best?

Your personnality has to be better than theirs. Not because you are better, but because who you are is the only thing you can actually control. How you react, how you respond, it is vital that you never cede control if you want to build an empire, build a character. Cut the cord on bad… Continue reading How to be the best?


I found it, I mean, I am sure I found it. My answer, the one I have been looking for ages and spent sleepless night on: What’s the key to success? Answer is quite simple for all it requires for one to do. But teorically, it’s quite simple. We’ve recently been all about show up… Continue reading D.I.S.C.I.P.L.I.N.E

Values : the roots

Get to know yourself, some values are prominent to you naturally, they take place in your heart, fill in your thoughts and dictate the actions you take - nevertheless some are more discrete and some are to be developed such as discipline or kindness or graciousness. Your values are your garden, and just like a… Continue reading Values : the roots

How close are you?

Dare to build, one foot in the present one in the future, living the moment but doing what’s best for tomorrow, depending on what you desire most. Dare to be the one who builds an empire if that’s who you are. If you have vision, believe in yourself enough, believe in others enough so that… Continue reading How close are you?

Is knowledge really power?

They say “knowledge is power”,  we say knowledge is only power if one knows how to use it, otherwise it’s decorating the inside of your brain or the top shelf of any shelf as an ornament. Because you can accumulate knowledge without ever using it. To be the game changer, you have to know which… Continue reading Is knowledge really power?