You are the sun … or the moon

Some of us are like the sun, warm and diffusing light around - the stereotype of the successful person. Some of us are like the moon, colder, poised - we diffuse a different kind of light. We're not as warm nor as shiny, not golden but more silver, we glisten subtly. Some feel like a… Continue reading You are the sun … or the moon

The hardest part

The hardest part about doing your thing, whatever it is, is not the hard work. It is how no one else will work. People work in their own way, they have schedule much different than yours and they might have other priorities or not enjoy hard work as much as you do. Your field provides… Continue reading The hardest part


Often, we read texts about "it is okay not to be perfect", but we disagree. We think you should be perfect, and we think you should aim to be perfect everyday. We also think that perfect is subjective, and you are the only one who can make it objective for yourself. We know you have… Continue reading Perfection


It's easy to say " I have time" even easier to say "I'll do it tomorrow", when we are younger, we do it all the time, especially in school, we use all the free time we can to play. When we go get a job, we are tired, and when we work on projects, we… Continue reading Urgent

What is success about ?

I woke up before the sun, one eye open, looking for my strength, I mean, it had to be somewhere. As the pale morning light filtered through the opacity of my tiredness and sleepy brain, I took one foot out, the second naturally followed, my arms reached for the sky, fingers tickled the clouds, I… Continue reading What is success about ?

Is it too late ?

I heard him say he messed up his life, that he was too old and didn’t live the life he intended to. He wanted so much more and now it was too late to have any of it, and it saddens me to an unexplainable point. The urge to scream my disappointment burnt my lips,… Continue reading Is it too late ?

Married to yourself

I bought myself a ring to be worn as a reminder of who I am committed to: myself and my dreams. I bought myself a diamond proudly standing on my ring finger to remind myself every day of this relationship I promised to keep holding tight to. Dreams are like marriage, either you commit and… Continue reading Married to yourself

How to be the best?

Your personnality has to be better than theirs. Not because you are better, but because who you are is the only thing you can actually control. How you react, how you respond, it is vital that you never cede control if you want to build an empire, build a character. Cut the cord on bad… Continue reading How to be the best?

How to start Anything you want

It does not matter what it is: you have to start. From a school project to launching a blog to working out to getting up in the morning to getting some work done to doing that oral presentation to simply start the day, you just have to start. We all know the feeling of having… Continue reading How to start Anything you want