Doing Nothing

You spent an hour doing nothing. Nothing much helping you dreams, diminishing your workload or getting you motivated. You know, sometimes it just happens, you stop for five minutes, take a break and then you realize you’ve been scrolling on Instagram for an hour. There is no real reason to feel guilty about it when… Continue reading Doing Nothing

When no one cares for what you do.

Writer, vlogger, content creator, entrepreneur, hard worker, inventor or leader, no matter in which category you’d place yourself in, here is my advice to you: don’t do it for the money and don’t do it for the fame. Be driven by your passion, be driven by your faith in what you do and your determination… Continue reading When no one cares for what you do.


How to be satisfied at the end of the day? over the years I learnt to be more attentive to how I felt at the end of the day and now, I master the art of satisfaction. After reading books and books about how to organise your life, being productive, get sh*it done, etc. As… Continue reading Satisfaction

BØLD – a dynasty

What being BØLD is BØLD is the dynasty of those who aim to be better, for the elite of people in various domains and of various characters that believe in the very best version of themselves.  BØLD  is the club of those who dare to be and do more.  BØLD is the foundation of an… Continue reading BØLD – a dynasty

Be yourself ? I don’t think so.

It took me some searching during all of my days for the right route to go onto to get to my destination, but as all my days turn to nights until the sun rises again, I realised that only one thing makes good roads : the steps you take. As one fiercely go through life,… Continue reading Be yourself ? I don’t think so.


There are two you. There is the one that you are and the one that you want to be, some say you have to draw a line in the middle and that is who you truly stand, but I’d rather say that one is both and that these two are always fighting. Unfortunately, in life,… Continue reading Your-2-self

Scared to fail?

It's much scarier to fail than to succeed, and that should be enough, don't you agree? Over time some of us develop this "syndrome" of pushing away anything that causes pain, the overall cause of the "syndrome" is that your brain wants to protect you from anything that could hurt you. Your brain will analyze… Continue reading Scared to fail?

How to stay honest when asking the universe?

Some say that to ask the universe and use positive thinking such as "I love the fact that I found my soul mate" is kind of dishonest (since it is not reality (yet)), because you refuse to see reality just as it is. On the other hand, most say it's not a crime to ask… Continue reading How to stay honest when asking the universe?

I love the fact that I … can be whomever I want to.

Can you imagine a world in which words had the power to change your life if only you had the audacity of pronouncing them? I never was a big believer until I finaly saw the product of its audacity on somebody. “I was in debts for over 20 000 $, I was living in my… Continue reading I love the fact that I … can be whomever I want to.

How to unstuck yourself from a rut ?

Spring has finally sprung and it's time for you to blossom although you've been stuck with winter for a while now. But do not panic as you unfreeze from your hibernation, a routine done for too long does not mean you won't see the sun. You always can unstuck yourself from a rut. Understand that… Continue reading How to unstuck yourself from a rut ?