How to fall in love with yourself

To you, my friend, who’s love for themselves feels unavailable or unattainable, so much so that the question you might ask yourself is where on earth did the love I have for myself go? I wish I knew, I wish all of your traumas could have been healed by a magic wand and you would… Continue reading How to fall in love with yourself

Loving the skin you are in

#byBeka  “I love you, but I love me more” Samantha Jones Dear universe, thank you for everything in my life. Thank you for the family and the friends surrounding me. Thank you for the clothes, the food and the rooftop over my head at night. Most importantly thank you for me, for my body, my… Continue reading Loving the skin you are in

Why Love conquers all

Hello and Welcome,  #AlongsideYourBoldestFriend There are two versions of you. There is the one that you are and the one that you want to be, some say you have to draw a line in the middle and that is who you truly stand, but I’d much rather say that one is the person you have… Continue reading Why Love conquers all

Mindset switching game – improve your life.

Switching your mindset is key. Having control of your thoughts, of how you think and you see life as well as its obstacles, is key. It's more than just being positive. It's about bringing the best out of everything. It's about seeing what is given to you and taking action in the best way possible… Continue reading Mindset switching game – improve your life.

A new way of loving yourself

Love yourself. Here, loving yourself does not mean : love your face, your body, and your personality - for all you are. It is important, but there is more. Love yourself enough to do what is right for you. Skipping the gym and eating unhealthy because you love who you are and how you look… Continue reading A new way of loving yourself