Dinner is served! who wants to seat at the table?

 #BéKa The older I get the more I realize the value of privacy, of cultivating your circle and only letting certain people in.  As I am slowly learning the things that matter today, I thought of sharing with you one facet that certainly matters the most to me: “You must find the courage to leave… Continue reading Dinner is served! who wants to seat at the table?

The opening statement on perfect manners in any given situation

oh Ma’am excuse me, I hope you are not going too far with these heavy bags! Would you like me to accompany you? The old lady looks at me, surprised.  They’re certainly aren’t many left like you my child, I live down the street, you are sure you don’t mind?Hahaha, positive Ma’am.  I take her… Continue reading The opening statement on perfect manners in any given situation

How personal value works

I’m a star, I whispered to myself in the mirror. Magic words. I am a star. Very truly. I am part the elite, I am part of the new nobility, the higher society - the one who is not playing by the rules of money but by the rules of implied kindness that shape into… Continue reading How personal value works

The think week- truth on productivity

As August showed its sunny face upon us, September comes raining, the entire B0LD crew went on a retreat, strategical retreat, nothing less, but we were just in need of a think week, Bill Gates does it, why shouldn’t we? We stopped for an instant to get air in our lungs and happy thoughts in… Continue reading The think week- truth on productivity

A list of the essentials to be well-groomed at all times.

Body - Wednesday’s are always a reflection of what we see in the mirror - a reflection of our boldest self. Half the week just passed and if only we exhaled a little more confidence, we’d put ourselves a little more out there. Let’s face it, we are not about to build a reputation of… Continue reading A list of the essentials to be well-groomed at all times.

Chocolatine’s theory on discipline

To be the best version of yourself is to understand how to do what is right instead of what we feel like, it’s a simple habit yet it is one of the hardest to develop when you lack it. Discipline. If discipline is the heart of success then I needed to understand how it worked,… Continue reading Chocolatine’s theory on discipline