How to feel at your best wherein uncertainty:

Quiet life: sitting on the sofa with my tea, my partner and my blanket, tapping away my thoughts and projects on my computer. That really is my happy place- OR NOT. I wish I could say so, but here is a better version of the truth while we have no other choice but to stay… Continue reading How to feel at your best wherein uncertainty:

The think week- truth on productivity

As August showed its sunny face upon us, September comes raining, the entire B0LD crew went on a retreat, strategical retreat, nothing less, but we were just in need of a think week, Bill Gates does it, why shouldn’t we? We stopped for an instant to get air in our lungs and happy thoughts in… Continue reading The think week- truth on productivity

Doing Nothing

You spent an hour doing nothing. Nothing much helping you dreams, diminishing your workload or getting you motivated. You know, sometimes it just happens, you stop for five minutes, take a break and then you realize you’ve been scrolling on Instagram for an hour. There is no real reason to feel guilty about it when… Continue reading Doing Nothing

How to stay honest when asking the universe?

Some say that to ask the universe and use positive thinking such as "I love the fact that I found my soul mate" is kind of dishonest (since it is not reality (yet)), because you refuse to see reality just as it is. On the other hand, most say it's not a crime to ask… Continue reading How to stay honest when asking the universe?

I love the fact that I … can be whomever I want to.

Can you imagine a world in which words had the power to change your life if only you had the audacity of pronouncing them? I never was a big believer until I finaly saw the product of its audacity on somebody. “I was in debts for over 20 000 $, I was living in my… Continue reading I love the fact that I … can be whomever I want to.