Why when you are a dream chaser you also are a dynasty builder?

Soul - The Vanderbilt’s, the Habsburg’s, the Capetian’s and so many more fought for money, territory, political ideas. Chanel and Schiaparelli fought iconic looks and fashion industry. The Canadiens against the Islanders fighting on skates. They all fought for something building timeless dynasties Whoever you are, if you’re a dream chaser, you’re bound to be… Continue reading Why when you are a dream chaser you also are a dynasty builder?

Gracious pile of plates

Your ability to be gracious will help you change the world around you. It's about making people you meet feel at ease, like home. It's about having interest in who they are. It's about laughing when you could have felt humiliated. It's about letting your energy introduce you before you speak. Be gracious. Open your… Continue reading Gracious pile of plates