You are the sun … or the moon

Some of us are like the sun, warm and diffusing light around - the stereotype of the successful person. Some of us are like the moon, colder, poised - we diffuse a different kind of light. We're not as warm nor as shiny, not golden but more silver, we glisten subtly. Some feel like a… Continue reading You are the sun … or the moon

Being BØLD

if being BØLD was something to be defined, it would be presented as aiming for excellence, striving for greatness, choosing the best version of yourself every day and Finding your own definition of perfection to present yourself as so. If being bold was to be someone it would be the person who rises every morning… Continue reading Being BØLD

How to find a mission

"I'm not inspired anymore," he said. I frowned. What was he trying to tell me? How could the one person I could always count on to climb on the bandwagon with me be having cold feet? "I don't have a mission" he insists. I'm speechless. How could the one person who'd always tell me nothing… Continue reading How to find a mission

What are you living for?

You never know what tomorrow holds but don't you ever simply close your eyes, take a deep breath of fresh air and just have faith? Do you ever have a really bad day, listen to a song that soothes your soul so you'd keep a straight face until no one could be touched by your… Continue reading What are you living for?

Have a vision

simply. It comes to you like a wave raging in your heart, the feeling of falling in love or jumping down a cliff for fun. It's growing in you, taking all your thoughts and dictating all your acts. It gives you the strength to take the good decision and always be in action. It's guiding… Continue reading Have a vision