Married to yourself

I bought myself a ring to be worn as a reminder of who I am committed to: myself and my dreams. I bought myself a diamond proudly standing on my ring finger to remind myself every day of this relationship I promised to keep holding tight to. Dreams are like marriage, either you commit and… Continue reading Married to yourself

How to be the best?

Your personnality has to be better than theirs. Not because you are better, but because who you are is the only thing you can actually control. How you react, how you respond, it is vital that you never cede control if you want to build an empire, build a character. Cut the cord on bad… Continue reading How to be the best?


I found it, I mean, I am sure I found it. My answer, the one I have been looking for ages and spent sleepless night on: What’s the key to success? Answer is quite simple for all it requires for one to do. But teorically, it’s quite simple. We’ve recently been all about show up… Continue reading D.I.S.C.I.P.L.I.N.E