The art of careful selection – the secret to success

Living an elegant and successful life really comes down to one simple rule: careful selection.  It is one rule. Hard to master, yet ô so important. If you want to pull all the strings together and let the world wonder how you do it, you somehow need to figure it out. Gladly, we do have… Continue reading The art of careful selection – the secret to success

How personal value works

I’m a star, I whispered to myself in the mirror. Magic words. I am a star. Very truly. I am part the elite, I am part of the new nobility, the higher society - the one who is not playing by the rules of money but by the rules of implied kindness that shape into… Continue reading How personal value works


I found it, I mean, I am sure I found it. My answer, the one I have been looking for ages and spent sleepless night on: What’s the key to success? Answer is quite simple for all it requires for one to do. But teorically, it’s quite simple. We’ve recently been all about show up… Continue reading D.I.S.C.I.P.L.I.N.E

Values : the roots

Get to know yourself, some values are prominent to you naturally, they take place in your heart, fill in your thoughts and dictate the actions you take - nevertheless some are more discrete and some are to be developed such as discipline or kindness or graciousness. Your values are your garden, and just like a… Continue reading Values : the roots

Be yourself ? I don’t think so.

It took me some searching during all of my days for the right route to go onto to get to my destination, but as all my days turn to nights until the sun rises again, I realised that only one thing makes good roads : the steps you take. As one fiercely go through life,… Continue reading Be yourself ? I don’t think so.

I’m not successful … yet. But I know how to be !

The sun. I can feel it. On my skin. Finally. Beautiful blue skies and blueberry eating, unfrozen days craving frozen yogurt. I was ready for spring. As I can feel my toes being warm again after winter, I can also feel my brain unfreezing - slowly but surely. Oh huckleberry friend, I thought that to… Continue reading I’m not successful … yet. But I know how to be !