You have time

 #MondayWithAimée Whether you’re an artist or a businesswoman or simply a dreamer, you most likely wish everything happened quickly, like right away. I know people who accept the creative process, others learn to fall in love with working hard, but trust me, I am not one of them. I hate it. It repels me. Well,… Continue reading You have time

The hardest part

The hardest part about doing your thing, whatever it is, is not the hard work. It is how no one else will work. People work in their own way, they have schedule much different than yours and they might have other priorities or not enjoy hard work as much as you do. Your field provides… Continue reading The hardest part

Is it too late ?

I heard him say he messed up his life, that he was too old and didn’t live the life he intended to. He wanted so much more and now it was too late to have any of it, and it saddens me to an unexplainable point. The urge to scream my disappointment burnt my lips,… Continue reading Is it too late ?

Before time

Time. Flying, passing and goes by never stopping for anyone. Healing or awful to some. Precious to most. Frozen on pictures and never coming back. Taken for granted by too many. And as it continues its everlasting run around the clock, we tend to forget how easy it is to lose track of time on… Continue reading Before time