It's easy to say " I have time" even easier to say "I'll do it tomorrow", when we are younger, we do it all the time, especially in school, we use all the free time we can to play. When we go get a job, we are tired, and when we work on projects, we… Continue reading Urgent

Is it too late ?

I heard him say he messed up his life, that he was too old and didn’t live the life he intended to. He wanted so much more and now it was too late to have any of it, and it saddens me to an unexplainable point. The urge to scream my disappointment burnt my lips,… Continue reading Is it too late ?


How to be satisfied at the end of the day? over the years I learnt to be more attentive to how I felt at the end of the day and now, I master the art of satisfaction. After reading books and books about how to organise your life, being productive, get sh*it done, etc. As… Continue reading Satisfaction

Passionate about myself

I'm passionate about myself. Don't get me wrong, it's not because I am more interesting than anyone or more worthy. Neither is it because I have more to offer or that I am the biggest narcissist ever brought on earth, but I am passionate about myself. About the endless possibilities, about my heart filled with… Continue reading Passionate about myself