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AMH, standing for Aja Marie Horváth, is the main writer on the blog as she started it back in 2015 with the idea of building a strong community of people who are passionate and fully committed to be the very best version of themselves. She dreamt of having writers in various domains by her side to build a platform on which people just like herself could always go to seek information, inspiration and motivation. She has had her own business since she was 17 years old and is the beholder of a non-thesis master in International Management, she is an SEO private consultant mainly for entrepreneurs looking to scale their business. She built the community thinking of her unsinkable desire to achieve alignment and balance between the mind, the body and the heart as the pillars of this community. She believes in kindness of a heart and sharpness of the mind. She believes that passion combined with discipline is what moves the world.

Her subjects by excellence: leadership, grace, confidence, motivation to work, inspiration to dream big and the art of living elegantly with your heart on your sleeve.

“You need to have faith that who you currently are was constructed by the life you’ve been living however, you can build yourself for the life you want to live and the existence you’re ready to have. Be B0LD. Live your life as a muse. Be the artist and the masterpiece of your days. It’s through small gestures that we create big motions.

welcome home, take a seat and as much food for thought as you need.

I believe in you, always have, always will,

xx AMH “

Seb is a young writer and as she spends much of her time reading, learning and listening to music, it only seemed appropriate for her to do our chronics on books and music that sparkles her soul. Her personality and personal beliefs will make you question the world in the most delightful way. She is incredibly funny, witty and tasteful. She will challenge your perception of classics, will let you discover life through her eyes and will pour her heart in every word she writes. We bet you will fall in love with her style and personality as much as we did. Be ready for #fridaywithSEB .

Her subjects by excellence: self-perception, growing of the soul, analysis of emotions or perceptions in environments, literature, music and the “notion of love”.

As B0LD focuses on helping you to be the very best version of yourself, we made it our mission with Seb to level up your general knowledge and give you an opportunity to rediscover classics or fall in love with new artists as well as feeding your soul with some food for thought.

Hiya Munchkins,

I’m going to pour my opinion in chronics, I mean, you’re not even ready.

But first, let me shortly introduce myself. I am Seb, you could think “Oh, like Sebastian” but no … it’s just Seb. Hi.

I will write for you little yet fun chronics on books you should read or artists you should listen too. See, I am an ambassador of culture and I am here to get you cultivated on art, my little friend. I hope you enjoy.

Peace, Seb.”

Aimée, B0LD stumbled onto her sense of humour, the way she plays with words and how alive everything she writes is and we, obviously, fell in love. Brilliant and funny she also is incredibly nerdy and yet refreshing with her romantic heart, flirty personality and her big dreams of a small happy life. She writes as she breathes and we were charmed at how she saw the world. Through the books, she reads and the movies she loves, she is an official member of the #boldcrew because her brain is full of colours she’ll paint your life with. A lot less formal in her writing, she’ll draw new lines of simple extravaganza whilst taking you on a journey into her private world full of vision, her special relationship with fiction, and the updates of the artistic world – stay tuned for  #MondayWithAimée.

Her subjects by excellence: fiction and reality analogies, introspection, discovering the artistic community, and making sure no one feels alone.

The name Aimée is strictly love, coming from the French term but also my own nature: trying to be a lovable and loving human. As you’ll discover, I am a massive nerd (beware of my cinema puns and my love for fictional people). I will take you on my favourite journey of all, a journey through fictional worlds. I also enjoy digging into my brain and understanding myself. Which, you’ll guess, *drumroll* makes my goal making you realize how both fiction and reality connect and how this codependency changes who we are. I hope you find inspiration to dig deeper into your personality and your attitude and find the joy to understand yourself. If anything, I hope you find a bit of sunshine through my words.

Until next time sweethearts,


B, also #Béka, is the one who will take care of you. Through her writings, you will discover you are much stronger than you first thought. Ambitious, calm and driven, she will teach you about self-love and growth through gran icons and wise words from great people. She will make you feel as if you were given a warm embrace and a hand to hold while you climb the ladder to your best self. Through the icons of modern society with a splash of old fashion soul, she will teach to never be brought down and will help you step into the role of the person you were meant to be.

Her subjects by excellence: body and soul love and growth, relationships, the beauty of life, healthy thoughts, positivity, motivation words

Hello my loves, 

in my heart and through my eyes, life is a cello piece by J.S. Bach. The kind that whispers like a promise, which accelerates, and which slows down. 

Within the years I have been fighting the greatest war a woman, a human being could encounter: the war of me vs me. My passion for love, literature, classical music and self-development drive me through my journey to become and to get inspired to be the best version of myself. Here is what really represents the greatest art of all: the body and the soul.  I think that if only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our visions of beauty would be? It’s okay to be scared, but you have to get out there, open up, love, make mistakes, learn, be stronger, and start all over again until you find your peace and your true desire of happiness. Gather courage like roses. Be the reason someone smiles today. Don’t try too much, but be fearlessly authentic. 

Make it happen, shock everyone, B

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